A headstone, also called a gravestone or tombstone, is a monument that marks a deceased person's resting place. It’s typically inscribed with the date of birth and death of the deceased. Many headstones are also engraved with religious passages or philosophical phrases, which are tailored to the personality of the lost loved one. If you're looking for the right tombstone to honor someone who recently passed, here are a few style options.

3 Headstone Styles for Memorializing a Loved One

1. Upright Gravestone

An upright memorial is one of the most common grave markers. It consists of a stone slab placed in an upright position at the head of a grave. It bears information about the deceased, a message or epitaph, decorative accents, and symbols. Some also bear a photo of the departed. 

2. Ground-Level Tombstone

headstoneA ground-level headstone is a slab of stone placed flat on the ground. It bears the same type of information as a headstone, but presents it more minimally. Flat gravestones typically measure 24 inches to 12 inches, but may be sized larger to accommodate elaborate decorations. Consult the cemetery for any specification requirements of the gravesite. 

3. Obelisk Monument

Uncommon for traditional gravesites, this pillar-like grave marker features a tall, narrow tapering attached to a square base at the bottom. A decorative element such as a pyramid, ball, or statue usually sits on top of the shaft. The height of an obelisk monument can vary from short to several feet tall.

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