Most standard door locks rely on a spring-latch system to function. By contrast, deadbolts consist primarily of a steel bar that is turned into the door frame—either by using a thumb-turn or a key. While simple in design, this piece of hardware can deliver many unique benefits that can enhance your security. If you’re considering deadbolt installation, here are a few points you should know about this type of lock.

What Are the Common Types of Deadbolts?


Most deadbolts are of the single-cylinder variety. This lock is set within the outer-middle edge of the door. On the exterior side, the lock must be manipulated with a key. On the interior side, users can control the bolt with a thumb-turn.


Double-cylinder deadbolts function similarly to single-cylinder models but do not utilize an interior thumb-turn. Instead, this lock features a keyhole on both sides. It’s ideal for doors with glass windows, as an intruder would still not be able to operate the lock if they broke the glass and reached through.


While not as common, vertical deadbolts are often preferred in commercial environments or on double-doors to provide extra security. Rather than being placed on the side of the door, the equipment is installed along the top edge. This way, the bolt protrudes into the top of the door frame.

What Are the Benefits?

deadbolt installationDeadbolts are prized for their enhanced security over standard spring-latch locks. Thanks to the heavy-duty bolt operation, it’s difficult for intruders to force a locked door open or pick the lock. If the model features a thumb-turn knob, operating the device from the inside is quick and easy. 

What Are the Drawbacks?

Despite their strength, some deadbolts can be compromised if the door frame is not intact. 

Some models can also be more challenging to use. For example, double-cylinder products can only be operated with a key, which can become cumbersome. Vertical locks, on the other hand, can be challenging to reach.

Where Should You Install Deadbolts?

Deadbolt installation is generally reserved for strong, exterior doors. By equipping all your property’s entry points with these locks, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and security. 


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