Many people are surprised when they purchase a new car only to be given one key. The chances of this are even more likely when buying a used vehicle. Even if you're careful, this increases the risk of accidentally locking yourself out. Locksmiths advise that all vehicle owners have a spare key made for the following reasons.

Why Invest in a Spare Car Key?

1. Peace of Mind

Should you accidentally leave your primary key in your car or have it suddenly break, you will have another available. To ensure you have easy access to your spare, keep it in your wallet or purse. Alternatively, you can purchase a magnetic lock box that attaches to the underside of your car, making for swift retrieval. This is also useful if you’ve simply lost your key and don’t have time to go searching for it.

2. Save Time & Money

locksmithWhile a locksmith can help you gain access to your vehicle when you've been locked out, it will take them time to reach your location. By having a spare on hand, you avoid waiting. Additionally, this service usually costs more than having a spare key made. 

If the original key is permanently lost, it is also easier to make a replacement from the spare than to recreate it from just the lock.

3. Convenience When Car-Sharing

Trading a key back and forth with your spouse or teen is inconvenient and can result in it becoming lost. In some cases, they may accidentally take the key when you need it, making you late for your next appointment. Therefore, have one spare per driver.

In some cases, smart keys can save the user’s preferred mirror and seat settings and adjust the car accordingly when inserted.


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