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4344 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45212-3104

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'Your Key To Security. If You Lose Your Key Call AB'

Whether you need a lock change for the doors in your home or you accidentally got locked out of your car, the team at A.B. Bonded Locksmiths in Cincinnati, OH, can help. These locksmiths have a reputation for fulfilling the needs of customers in a quick and professional manner. It doesn’t matter whether you need residential or commercial lock services – they can help!

A.B. Bonded Locksmiths has been doing business as a family-owned and -operated company since in 1933. For generations, they have consistently offered customers reliable service and top-quality products. They go beyond being just a local locksmith company by making the effort to earn the trust of their customers and by building lifelong relationships with them. Today, under the leadership of their president, Russ McGurrin, they have managed to maintain their tradition of excellence.

Customers can take advantage of their wide range of locksmith services that are both fully insured and offered at low rates. A.B. Bonded Locksmiths provides lockout services, lock repair, key replacement, re-keying, emergency ignition repair, and more. Their team of locksmith experts can also help to keep your belongings safe from thieves and trespassers by installing high security locks where they are needed. This includes convenient keyless access and state-of-the-art alarm and surveillance systems that are ideal for businesses.

Whether you need replacement house keys, keyless entry installation, or automotive keying services, you can count on A.B. Bonded Locksmiths for superior results. The company is committed to giving its customers the high-quality service they need. Call them today at (513) 531-7334 to get a free estimate! You can also visit their website for more information on the services offer.


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"I used these guys along time ago. I had a stuck lock. They sent someone out within 2 hours. Problem fixed in 30 minutes. I wish the service call covered..."... ...more
- Paul P.[Yelp, September 15, 2020]
"Called and asked about getting a key fob done for my vehicle, was told they don't sell the fob but if I get one from Amazon or somewhere they can program. Bought on Amazon, carried in, handed to the gentleman at the counter, was told that they were out of tokens to program that day. Okay. Returned with fob after they had received more tokens and was able to get my fob programmed and key cut in good time. I will be back when I need further services and I will recommend to friends. From my first visit experience, I would suggest if you're getting programming done that you call a day ahead of you can and check that they have tokens and/or are able to program your particular key fob. If they can, you should be satisfied and will have saved some money compared to going to the dealer."... ...more
- Sean B.[Google My Business, December 31, 2020]
"Great professional services and they understand what you want"... ...more
- Alex Banbury[Google My Business, December 21, 2020]