If you live in Arizona, you’re no stranger to heat. However, those high temperatures are hard on your home. Extreme temperatures can lead to soaring utility bills and the need for expensive roof repair. According to the team at Mohave Roofing, one of the Lake Havasu City’s top residential roofing contractors, knowing how hot weather impacts your home will help you avoid serious issues.

Use this informative guide to make smarter decisions and prevent the need for roof repair.

How Does Heat Affect Your Roof?

Roof RepairIf your business has a flat roof, it’s not uncommon for cracks to develop under the strain of extreme summer temperatures. Sun damage can also lead to more severe problems, like leaks, which necessitate extensive roof repairs. Once monsoon season strikes, these leaks can significantly damage your property and merchandise.

While most residential roofs aren’t flat, they can also be affected by high summer temperatures. Warping and blistering roof shingles are common heat-related problems. Tiled roofs are also subject to damage from prolonged heat exposure, including the cracking and degradation of the underlying tar paper. Aside from the obvious aesthetic damage, these issues may cause your roof to deteriorate over time, leaving your home and property vulnerable to the elements.

Regular inspections from a commercial or residential roofing contractor are the surest way to prevent heat-related roof damage. By identifying problem areas, they’ll be able to perform repairs before larger issues develop.

Why Does Your Roof Impact Your Electric Bill?

roof repairUnless you live in a shaded home, your roof spends hours absorbing heat from the sun’s rays on hot days. In turn, this extra warmth raises the indoor air temperature of your home, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder and use more energy to cool your living space. This translates to higher energy bills each month. The good news is, effective roofing will make your home more energy-efficient and save you money.

urethane foam roof coating will provide thorough protection from heat and long-term savings for home and business owners. By creating an SPF barrier over your roofing materials, this treatment reduces UV damage from solar exposure. What’s more, insulating your roof with a urethane foam coating will keep your whole home cooler—meaning lower energy costs for your household.

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