Drinking a lot of water daily is a healthy habit. However, if you have galvanized piping, the water that comes from it could jeopardize your health. When the layer of zinc that protects galvanized pipes wears away, they're susceptible to corrosion that causes dangerous substances like lead and cadmium to build up. These toxins can seep into your water, resulting in serious health effects.

3 Health Risks of Galvanized Water Piping

Flu-Like Symptoms

PipingCadmium consumption can cause severe illnesses with symptoms similar to those of the flu. You might experience chills, a high fever, and muscle aches if you have a significant level of cadmium in your water due to old galvanized piping. These health effects will continue until you resolve the problem, so switch to bottled water and contact a plumber to inspect your system if you think your pipes are making you ill.


If you drink water from worn-out galvanized plumbing for an extended period, you will increase your risk of kidney, bone, and even lung disease due to exposure to lead and cadmium. If you have an older house, test your water supply annually to ensure it’s free of dangerous chemical elements and the pH is balanced.

High Blood Pressure

Stress, a poor diet, and obesity are common causes of high blood pressure, but your water source also could be to blame. Lead from old galvanized piping can contaminate your water and increase your readings.


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