Many people rely on prescription glasses every day. Some may use them for specific tasks, while others may need them to see clearly at all times. Regardless, you may have questions about this new experience. Here’s what you should know.

A Guide to Prescription Glasses

Why do you need prescription glasses?

Glasses are prescribed for several reasons. Near- and farsightedness are common, as well as astigmatism. Abnormalities in eye shape impact how well it’s able to focus on incoming images.

Some people only need glasses for reading, while others may use them to even out imbalances in eye strengths. If you squint often, have trouble focusing, or have blurred vision, schedule an appointment with an optometrist to see if you need glasses.

What is a prescription?

prescription glassesAn eyeglasses prescription lets lens-makers know how to craft them to correct your vision. “OD” and “OS” refer to right and left eye. The terms SPH, CYL, and -/+ are also present.

SPH (sphere) designates correction for near- or farsightedness. CYL (cylinder) explains the correction for astigmatism. Numbers with a -/+ sign explain the power needed to create a 20/20 balance in each eye. 

Do you need to buy from an optometrist?

Many patients make the mistake of purchasing glasses through an online service or at a retail store. These won’t provide the same accuracy as buying from an optometrist’s office.

Opticians provide designer frames and high-quality lenses to ensure the most comfortable fit and accuracy. You can try pairs on, make adjustments, and invest in the best possible products for your needs.

Why do your glasses give you headaches?

Prescription glasses may need some adjustments. If you experience headaches after you start wearing them or months later, schedule a follow-up exam. The eye doctor will check to see if your eyes aren’t adapting as expected and will then create a new prescription to resolve the headaches.


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