wedding event consists of countless meaningful details that cultivate an overall feeling, and you can highlight them through uplighting. By placing fixtures pointing up on the ground, you can illuminate focal points and generate a warm glow. As you prepare your nuptials with an event planner, keep the following details in mind.

Why Include Uplighting in Your Wedding?

This technique supplements traditional lighting fixtures by adding depth and visual interest to the venue. If the location has unique features, like columns, you can use this method to make it stand out from the shadows. 


Uplighting also serves as a tool for directing guests to where to go and where to look. It can even help photographers and videographers capture stunning and memorable shots and transform a contained space's ambiance by using dimension, drama, and elegance. 

How Can You Use It?

Uplighting is an impactful design element if used properly. Use discretion when choosing a color, as the entire venue will be of that specific hue. If your goal is to create a warm ambiance, turn to a universally flattering amber shade. On the other hand, if the uplighting is an extension of a vibrant color scheme, consider how it could alter the shades of your tablescape and floral arrangements. 

With your event planner, confirm whether the fixtures rely on LED bulbs. These options don't get as hot as traditional ones, protecting guests from injuries and drapery from damage. As for placement, use this technique to add texture to drapery or irradiate lush floral displays.


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