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ServingMakakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, HI

About Geotech Solution Inc

Erosion Management Systems for a Healthier Environment

Hawaii’s beautiful soil can’t always protect itself. With tropical storms, human use and landscaping, and water pollution, property owners need protection that works with the land. It’s no coincidence why, as Hawaiian storms have increased in frequency, so has demand for Geotech Solutions, Inc.’s geosynthetic products. Now the largest provider of erosion control products in the state of Hawaii, Geotech Solutions, Inc. develops sustainable technologies that enhance your soil’s natural durability for lasting protection.

Think of geotextile fabric like an extra protective layer for your soil. It’s engineered to enhance soil’s ability to filter and drain water, fighting water and water pollution-based soil erosion. Built-in mechanical stabilization helps your soil take on heavy and sustained weight. Geotech Solutions, Inc.’s extensive array of Geotech products even covers shoreline protection and landscape anchors.

Since 1995, Geotech Solutions, Inc. has proudly served the Hawaiian Islands and continues to do so — whether reinforcing residential and commercial properties or simply answering questions about geosynthetic technology. Call them today at (808) 677-1580 or visit their website to learn more about how they can help you stand up to the elements.


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(1 reviews)