Like most states, Georgia operates on a fault basis when it comes to auto insurance claims. That means car accident victims may seek compensation for their property damage and bodily injury by filing a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. If you were involved in a wreck caused by someone else, here’s what you should know about pursuing the funds you deserve.

4 Steps for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

1. Call the Police

In most cases, the insurer is going to require an official police report to process your claim. As such, it’s crucial to call the police immediately. In addition to drafting a report, they will also direct traffic away from the scene, interview eyewitnesses, and conduct chemical tests as needed.

2. Record the Scene

auto-insurance-Dahlonega-GAOnce police have arrived, and it’s safe to walk around, photograph the wreckage from various angles. Accident reconstruction experts will review these images to determine what happened, thereby helping you prove fault. You should also make a note of the names, contact information, registration details, and insurance policy numbers of the other motorists involved.

3. Track the Resulting Damages

Car accident victims are usually entitled to compensation for their medical care up to the at-fault party's policy limits. To ensure you maximize this coverage, track all applicable expenses, including ambulance fees, hospital surcharges, and doctor’s co-pays. You should also obtain a quote from your mechanic for repairing your vehicle.

4. Negotiate for a Settlement

Once you obtain all of the above, you should have enough to file your claim. The insurance adjuster will review it and let you know whether it’s approved or denied. If it’s approved, negotiations will commence, so you can arrive at a fair settlement.


If the at-fault party happens to be uninsured or underinsured, it may be possible to recover compensation from your own insurer. To explore the various policies that can pay out in such a scenario so you’re better protected, turn to Stringer Insurance Agency. Located in Dahlonega, GA, this independent agency has been serving clients throughout Lumpkin County since 1931. In addition to auto insurance, they can assist with virtually all your coverage needs, including home, life, and business insurance. To request a quote, reach out online or call (706) 864-3515.