The summer road trip is a time-honored tradition and a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. However, the road can be unpredictable, with a variety of hazards that could turn your adventure into an unpleasant ordeal. While auto insurance will protect your vehicle, the tips below will keep you safe from the unexpected during your trip.

4 Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Drowsy drivers account for almost 100,000 accidents every year, resulting in serious injuries and expensive auto insurance claims. You might be anxious to get to your next destination during a road trip, but always make sure you get plenty of sleep before getting behind the wheel. If you do get tired, pull over for a nap, or let someone else drive while you get some rest.

2. Take Your Car for a Checkup

auto insuranceNothing will derail your road trip faster than car trouble, which might happen miles away from the nearest town. Before leaving for your trip, have a mechanic thoroughly inspect your car, top off the fluids, and change the oil. Taking care of these minor tasks now could spare you some expensive and frustrating mechanical problems later.

3. Pack Some Emergency Supplies

A breakdown or extreme weather can mean spending extra time in your car, so pack some essential safety supplies. In addition to a first aid kit, bring along some blankets, non-perishable food items, a backup battery for your phone, and several bottles of water.

4. Keep Children Entertained

Bored kids can become fussy, pulling your attention away from the road. Bringing along simple games, tablets, and other entertainment will keep them happy and occupied so you can focus on driving safely. If they have loud games, make sure to pack headphones for them so that the sounds don’t distract you while driving. 


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