You may encounter aggressive drivers on the road, whether it’s people who get angry easily or who are just in a rush to get somewhere. Defensive driving will protect you and others by preventing dangerous situations. This could prevent serious injury or the need to submit an auto insurance claim to repair your car. Below, learn how to navigate the road when faced with aggressive driving. 

How to Stay Safe With Other Aggressive Drivers

1. Let Them In

If someone is tailgating you, honking their horn, or trying to force their way in front of you, it may feel natural to not give them what they want. However, it is best for everyone if you can be the bigger person and let them in. You can avoid a very dangerous situation simply by moving over to let them in or by slowing down to give them room to merge in front of you.

2. Do Not Escalate

auto insuranceYou cannot control what other people do, but you can control your own actions. It is important not to let their behavior make you upset or frustrated. Avoid honking the horn in anger. The horn should only be used in short bursts to avoid a collision or notify people of danger. If someone is aggressive with you, avoid making eye contact, using angry gestures, or yelling. Maintain your speed, and attempt to switch lanes to move away from the driver. 

3. Call the Police

If someone is following you and you feel that you are in danger, it’s always wise to take the safe route. Pull off onto side streets or into a parking lot, giving them the opportunity to pass. If they continue to follow you, lock your doors, and roll your windows up. Call 911 to report the driver and ask for help if needed. Try to get their license plate number and the description of their vehicle. If they do cause damage to your car, take photos and contact your auto insurance provider to submit a claim. 


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