Every parent knows that their child's happiness is a priority. However, breaking the news to your little one that you and your spouse are getting a divorce can be challenging. You don't want to cause your child emotional pain, but you do owe them the truth. The following guide explains how to make the conversation easier.

How to Tell a Child You're Getting a Divorce

1. Time It Correctly

Choose a quiet place to break the news to your child. Leave plenty of time for the conversation if they have questions or need comforting since they will have to adjust to the news. You don't want to rush this discussion, but try to make sure it isn't before a day they have a big test or soccer game. Ideally, break the news at home without other family members present. 

2. Take a Team Approach


Set aside any differences with your spouse and announce the news together. It's best to present a united front and assure your child that you'll both still be there for them. It's also crucial to avoid painting anyone as though they were at fault. Even if you don't get along with your spouse, your child should have a healthy relationship with both parents.

3. Prepare for Queries

Children typically want to know how a divorce will impact them. Be prepared for questions like who they will live with and whether they will have to change schools. However, try not to burden them with information about why the marriage ended.

It's best to sit down with a lawyer and negotiate details like child custody beforehand so that you can answer any questions easily. It's also crucial to let your child know that they should express themselves if they feel sad or angry. Then, follow through on that promise. If they come to you again, give them a shoulder to cry on and a safe space to speak.


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