Nursing homes are meant to provide quality care to your loved ones. Those who neglect their duties put individuals at risk and could be held liable for abuse. However, recognizing the signs isn’t always easy. If you suspect an issue and are unsure of how to proceed, reach out to a personal injury lawyer to discuss the following. Their level of experience should provide the direction you seek.

4 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

1. Visible Bruises

These tend to appear when there’s been some physical altercation between a medical professional and their patient. It could also be from a resident who’s not supposed to be left unattended. Any signs of abuse are cause enough for a personal injury claim and should result in some level of compensation.

2. Minimal Improvement

Nursing homes usually assign a nurse to each patient who ensures that they get their prescribed medication. Neglecting to keep up with rotations could result in little to no improvement in your loved one’s health. A personal injury lawyer may have to interview coworkers and further investigate to determine eligibility for compensation.

3. Onset Depression

personal injury lawyerWhile it’s common for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to experience sudden changes in behavior, it’s unusual for those who are completely healthy. Remain observant when visiting your loved one.

If they appear consistently quiet when they’re normally talkative, it might be time to talk with a personal injury lawyer. Harsh words and neglect are leading causes of depression and could leave them feeling undervalued.

4. Unhealthy Conditions

Nursing homes are meant to uphold certain ethical standards when it comes to caring for their residents. This means providing assistance with basic hygiene, such as taking a shower and brushing their teeth and maintaining a clean environment.

Evaluate the condition of the room during your next few visits. Stained sheets and an unwashed smell are clear indicators that your loved one is not getting the care that they deserve.


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