Most people are drawn to a room that is comfy, cozy, and inviting. While the room's furnishings contribute to that aesthetic, the layout also plays a role. Knowing how to arrange a room can be intimidating, even if you have a specific idea about how you’d like the result to appear. It’s also helpful to know how to create a layout to select furniture and accents for the space more easily. The following guide offers tips for creating a pleasing and functional room design.  

How to Create a Layout for a Room

1. Determine Its Function First


The room’s purpose is central to how it will ultimately come together. For example, in a guest room, investing in a bedroom set that is comfortable, stylish, and functional is key. In a home office, optimizing storage space and including enough room for a desk and seating is essential, while for a living room where you plan to entertain friends, plenty of space for foot traffic is vital. Once you determine a room's purpose, you can better envision a plan for it.

2. Let the Rug Be Your Guide

Focusing on all a room's elements at once can be overwhelming and make it challenging to lay them out. However, starting with an area rug lets you determine how best to place each piece more easily, since rugs anchor your furnishings to the room. For example, in a living room, begin by centering your area rug in the space. Then create your seating arrangement by adding pieces to the rug. In a smaller space, you can place each piece around the rug, making a more open appearance. In a larger room, put the front legs on the rug, with the hind legs on the bare floor.

3. Allow for Traffic Flow

Ensure your family and guests can easily navigate a room by not placing too many pieces in it. An overcrowded space makes it challenging to go from one part of a room to another. Start by placing the necessary pieces first, then work your way up from there while prioritizing paths for foot traffic. Generally speaking, it's best to allow about two feet between couches, coffee tables, and chairs. Having enough room between seating and tables makes it easy to stand up and walk through the room. Also, resisting the urge to place furniture too close to an entryway prevents doors from striking furnishings.


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