Available in L- and U-shaped designs, sectional sofas are a good choice for small rooms. The sofas provide plenty of seating, and you can remove different sections when needed. Here are suggestions on how to arrange the living room furniture in a cramped space. 

3 Ways to Arrange a Sectional Sofa in a Small Room

1. Choose a Far Corner

Place the sectional sofa in a corner, so it faces the TV or fireplace, and the longest section is against a long wall. The room will be easier to maneuver, as the furniture won't cut off the flow of traffic. To close off the seating area, place an armchair across from the sofa and a coffee table between the chair and sectional.

2. In Front of a Window

To make the room appear larger, place the sectional sofa against a wall with windows. The furniture will help draw attention to the views from the windows. The natural light illuminates the room, which can help it appear larger.

3. Pick the Middle of the Room

Place the sectional sofa in the middle of the room, so it isn't enclosed by walls. This will make the furniture stand out in a studio apartment or open-concept living room. Visually, the couch helps separate the living area from the dining area and kitchen. For extra seating, place two butterfly chairs across from the couch. These sleek, simple chairs will help further define the living area without closing it off.


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