Tree maintenance is an important part of lawn care and maintaining your property, but many homeowners have trouble knowing when it’s time to have a tree removed. Lakeridge Tree Service & Landscaping is a full-service tree removal company based in Hamilton, OH. Their team of professional landscapers created this guide to help people in the community understand the importance of tree removal services.

3 Signs You Need To Hire Tree Removal Professionals

tree removalThere Are Dead Branches

If a tree on your property has dead branches, it’s important to have it assessed by a professional. In some cases, the damaged branches can simply be removed, but in others, the whole tree has to come down. Rotted branches can be extremely dangerous and cause serious harm to people and property. 

There Is Visible Trunk Damage

Trees can often recover after losing a few dead branches, but if the trunk is cracked, there’s not a lot of hope. Damaged trunks can also significantly weaken the tree, so keeping a tree on your property that has a damaged trunk can be dangerous. 

tree removalThe Tree Is Close To Your Home Or Power Lines

Even if a tree is perfectly healthy, you don’t want it too near your home or too close to any power lines. All it takes is one big storm to break a branch or down a line, and even small trees can cause serious damage to your home. Be especially careful about any branches that hang over the roof of your home or brush against any exterior windows. 

The experienced tree service contractors from Lakeridge Tree Service recommend doing a walkthrough of your property at least once a year to check on the health of your trees. Call Lakeridge Tree Service for a professional assessment at (513) 863-7399, or visit their website or Facebook to learn more.