While the summer sun and autumn’s changing colors can enhance your driving experience, the seasons can take a toll on your vehicle. This is especially true of the windshield, which is subjected to different kinds of elemental damage all year. Learn how different weather affects your vehicle’s auto glass and how to take even better care of it.

The Seasons & Your Windshield


Early spring is a time where the weather can change in an instant. Wind speeds are generally higher during this time of year, and the extra gusts bring more flying debris, including small rocks, gravel, hail, and other items that can chip, crack, and shatter your windshield. Check the weather report regularly during spring to avoid driving during periods of heavy wind or storms. If possible, park your car in a garage when you aren’t using it to provide your auto glass with extra protection.


Hot summer weather causes auto glass to expand and subsequently crack, particularly if you turn up the air conditioner and cause sudden, severe temperature changes. Avoid leaving your vehicle in the glaring sun whenever you can. Park it in a cool space instead (such as a well-ventilated garage) and crack the windows to prevent the interior from getting too hot and causing the auto glass to warp. Parking in the shade is also a good idea, if shade is available.


Falling branches, nuts, and seeds create auto glass problems during autumn since they can easily cause cracks and chips. Seasonal storms increase these risks since winds loosen tree debris quickly. Avoid parking your car under trees during fall or driving it when the weather is severe.


Auto glass shrinks and expands in winter, and falling icicles present serious dangers. Vehicular accident rates are also highest during winter due to storms and icy roads that can result in shattered auto glass. Snow and ice buildup on your windshield can also be problematic because of the increased pressure on the glass. Never pour boiling water on your windshield or crank your defroster high to melt windshield ice; both of these solutions can crack the glass. Instead, let the glass warm up slowly, and keep the vehicle out of the cold as much as possible. 



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