As resilient as your car’s windshield may be, it is hardly impervious to damage. The essential auto glass expands and contracts in response to extreme temperatures in addition to sustaining damage from flying debris such as hail, gravel, pebbles, and tree branches. Protect your windshield from serious damage by keeping these tips in mind.

Tips for Protecting Your Windshield

1. Wash It Regularly

Clean your windshield routinely with recommended auto glass cleaner to keep it strong. Windshields coated in road dust, dirt, and other tiny bits of debris are not only harder to see out of; they’re more susceptible to damage. For example, windshield wipers rubbing dirt and dust into the auto glass creates minor scratches that can result in bigger, more dangerous fractures and cracks. 

2. Take Roads With Less Traffic

auto glassTo keep your auto glass in excellent condition, make a habit of driving on roads with less traffic in good weather. On roads with more vehicles, the cars will stir up more debris, which can potentially damage your windshield.

3. Park in The Shade

Keep your windshield out of the direct sun whenever possible, since extreme heat can cause fractures when combined with cold air from your air conditioner vents can cause fractures. Take shelter under large trees without nuts or fruits to keep your auto glass free of debris. Park your vehicle in a temperature-controlled garage as often as possible to shield your auto glass and everything else from the elements.

4. Stay Away From Commercial Vehicles

Avoid commercial vehicles at all times, even if you aren’t on a busy road. Whether the vehicle is carrying gravel, stone, or other construction materials, it can easily damage your windshield if you get too close. Try to stay at least three car lengths’ behind these vehicles to stay safe on the road.



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