Sometimes all it takes is a wayward rock or a piece of debris stirred up by another vehicle’s tires to crack your windshield. No matter the type or severity of the damage, the best solution to prevent accidents is immediate windshield repair or replacement. Here’s how to identify different types of windshield damage.

5 Types of Windshield Damage

1. Star Break

Sometimes thin cracks spread out from a chipped area like an explosion or starburst pattern. This spider-like damage is known as a star break. If the damage occupies a smaller area, a windshield repair technician may be able to inject the damages spots with a clear resin to patch the windshield up quickly.

2. Chip

windshield repairAlso known as a ding, pit, or stone break, a chip refers to a missing piece of windshield glass. It typically occurs when a flying stone or rock strikes the surface and takes out a small chunk of glass. Depending on its depth and size, a chip is usually repairable. A windshield repair technician will fill up the shallow space with resin. If the chip penetrates the glass, replacement is a better option.

3. Bull’s Eye or Half-Moon

Circular in appearance, a bull’s eye is larger than the ordinary chip. Another variation to this is the half-moon, which looks like a semi-circle. Both usually have a significant-sized impact point where the glass came off when the object hit. If you see a dark circle under the impact point when looking from the inside, you need to replace your windshield.

4. Crack

Windshield cracks come in all sorts of sizes and kinds, but they’re all different types of thin lines. Some have two points, while others tend to branch out and form other breaks. They also vary according to their location. Edge cracks are found at the ends of the windshield while floaters run across the middle of the glass.  Windshield repair specialists will more than likely recommend replacement as the option for these situations, especially for those that affect driver’s visibility, are longer than a dollar, and occur at the edges.

5. Combination Breaks

Sometimes, windshield damage isn’t limited to a specific area or one particular type of crack. If there are too many chips and cracks on the auto glass, repairs are no longer feasible. Have a technician assess the extent of the damage. They’ll know if replacing your windshield is more cost-effective and safer in the long run.



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