There many situations in which windshields can become cracked — driving on gravel roads, winter weather conditions and anti-skid material, getting into an accident, or even being exposed to the sun for too long. Regardless of how large a windshield crack is, you should be able to recognize whether you can continue driving, and you should also immediately see a windshield repair professional. Here’s a quick overview of windshield cracks and how to handle them.

How to Know When Your Car Needs Windshield Repair

How Different Windshield Cracks Affect Your Driving

If you’re tempted to continue to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield, understand how severe the issue is first. If the crack or chip is on the driver’s side and obstructs your view, get it looked at right away. Cracks that are long or deep can present larger problems, and they might require that you replace your whole windshield. 

windshield repairYou may be able to continue to drive a car with a cracked windshield depending on the actual location of the crack itself.  However, you may want to consider how long to continue to drive with that cracked windshield, since cracks can spread, and make the situation worse. 

If a crack is small enough to permit driving, take advantage of this temporary time window to see a windshield repair professional.

Factors That Cause Cracks to Spread

Windshield damage spreads over time, which is why you should always see a professional after spotting a crack. Cracks can spread due to many different factors. Temperature changes make the glass expand and contract, making cracks grow. If dirt gets into a crack, it can weaken the windshield. Going over bumps can also worsen cracks and pits. 

These factors are both almost entirely out of your control, which is why you shouldn’t delay repairs. If you wait too long, your windshield could go from minor damage that once was only initially repairable to needing a complete windshield replacement. Also, the crack could prevent you from seeing the road clearly, which is dangerous. It’s a good idea to contact a windshield repair specialist before the situation worsens.



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