When frost appears on your windshield, it reduces visibility. That’s why many motorists get ready for work earlier during winter so they have time to remove the frost from their auto glass before hitting the road. How you defrost your windshield matters, as some techniques can cause serious damage. To avoid the need for windshield repair or replacement, here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do. 


Use the defrost setting.

In colder climates, auto glass becomes coated with thin layers of ice when left outside for long periods. That’s why car manufacturers include defrost settings in your vehicle’s heating system. When it’s active, air blows across the windshield to break up the frozen condensation. It could take a few minutes or longer to complete the process. It’s always best to warm up the glass gradually and not blast hot air on the freezing glass.

Invest in a deicing product.

auto glassIn addition to using the defroster, you can also use products to expedite the process. Many store-bought deicers contain methanol, an alcohol that cuts through frost. You can also find spray-on products that coat the auto glass to prevent frost from forming.


Be careless about the scraper you choose. 

On particularly hectic mornings, you might not have time to wait for deicing products or your car’s defrost function to do its job. If you decide to take a scraper to auto glass, use one with a plastic tip to break up the ice and a soft brush to wipe away the pieces. Avoid metal devices, as the hard material could leave scrapes and scratches in the glass. The same goes for keys, rakes, and any other metal objects you might have handy.  People have also used credit cards to scrape the windshield and this is not recommended.

Pour hot water on the windshield. 

As the goal is to make the auto glass warm so the frost melts, you might be tempted to pour a cup of hot water over the windshield. NEVER pour hot liquid on cold glass. This changes the temperature of the glass too quickly, causing it to crack under the strain.



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