You want to keep your car’s windshield in optimal condition. While large cracks are a more obvious problem, even small chips should be addressed quickly. However, when this situation arises, many vehicle owners wonder if it’s better to get repairs or opt for a full windshield replacement. Here’s how to decide. 

What Type of Damage Can Happen?

There are two main types of damage a windshield can sustain, both of which usually come from impacts. Harder impacts tend to cause cracks, which can be a few inches or a few feet long, depending on how hard the glass was hit. Some cracks can even destroy the entire area, requiring a replacement.

Some damage is less severe, such as when the glass is chipped. A chip is a mark about the size of a quarter or smaller. Chips can result from hailstones, pebbles, road debris, or other small items hitting the glass. 

How to Know If Repairs Are Possible

windshield replacementIf your window has a chip, it may be possible to repair it, depending on the size of the chip, the cracks, if any,  coming from it, and where it is located on the windshield.

 If the chip is bigger than a quarter or if it has a few cracks trailing out from it, it could grow worse. This is also true if the chip is near the edge where the glass meets the frame.

Why Windshield Replacement Is Sometimes Necessary

When the glass is badly damaged, you will probably need a windshield replacement. Cracked glass on the windshield could break apart from another impact or just the act of driving can cause the damage to get worse. If you have damage in the drivers view of your windshield, more than likely a replacement is necessary.  It’s always advisable to contact your auto glass company with details of what you are seeing on your windshield, and they will advise you as to what steps will be necessary.


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