The summer is notorious for causing problems with auto glass. Between spreading cracks and delamination of the glass layers, you may be wondering if these issues are direct effects of the heat. To help you better understand why these situations occur, use this guide to learn the effects of higher temperatures on your automobile.

Effects of Heat on Auto Glass

A windshield cracking or splitting during the summer isn’t a direct effect of the heat. The issue is caused by a drastic change in temperature. If your car sits in the sunlight during the day and cools off gradually, the glass isn’t likely to crack.

The problem typically occurs when the auto glass gets hot in direct sunlight and doesn’t get a chance to cool off gradually. When you hop in a hot car, your natural reaction is to crank up the AC; however, the sudden presence of cold air can cause the glass to destabilize, resulting in cracks, delamination, and expansion of preexisting fractures. It’s similar to how hot skillets crack when placed under cold water from the faucet.

How to Prevent Cracks

auto glassIf your car gets hot, try to let it cool off gradually to preserve the life of your windshield. Start by rolling down the windows, venting the hot air, and turning the AC to low. After the air inside cools, slowly increase the AC until you bring the interior temperature to a comfortable level.

Also, don’t slam your car doors when the glass is hot, as it’s more prone to shattering and cracking. Park in the shade whenever possible to mitigate some of the heat. If you get small chips or cracks in the windshield, have them repaired right away to prevent them from spreading.


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