A clear windshield is fundamental to safe driving, so you may be desperate for a quick fix if it cracks or breaks. Although it can be tempting to use a DIY windshield repair kit, you may end up causing further damage that requires more extensive attention. If you tackle this project yourself, you might experience the following problems.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Windshield Repair

1. Reduced Visibility

If the resin or bonding agent isn’t applied correctly, it can become smeared and opaque as it dries. The resin may also leave a visible line on the windshield if it doesn’t bond to the cracked areas.

In addition to being aesthetically unappealing, ineffective application can lead to decreased visibility while driving. This may be worse than the original cracks or fractures in the glass.

2. Less Accuracy

windshield repairPrecision is necessary when repairing a windshield, especially if there are cracks of various sizes. The correct amount of bonding agent must be used based on the depth and width of the imperfections.

If you’re unfamiliar with how much agent to use, you might not fill the areas completely. This can worsen the problems and may even induce severe  windshield issues.

3. Less Effective Results 

Although it can be a quick fix, a DIY windshield kit doesn’t offer a permanent solution. The bonding agent doesn’t strengthen the glass, and it simply hides the problems.

The process for this temporary fix also takes a long time to complete without prior experience. Even after hours of hard work, you will most likely need further repairs or a full replacement.


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