Your windshield protects you while driving, keeping everything from flying pests to heavy rains out of the vehicle. While the component may seem invincible, it will eventually need to be replaced. This guide explains a few signs that you need a windshield replacement

How to Tell If You Need a New Windshield

1. Cracks or Chips Are Impeding Your View

If auto glass chips or cracks are blocking the view of the road, you should get a full windshield replacement. Imperfections in the glass could obstruct the view of other motorists and obstacles, potentially endanger you and your passengers. Keep in mind that small chips and cracks can eventually spread, so take your vehicle in for an assessment as soon as you notice the damage.

2. Safety Inspection Is Coming Up

Windshields don’t just protect you from flying debris; they also support the weight of the roof. If your car ever rolls over during an accident, a weak windshield could make the vehicle more likely to sustain serious damage.

Most states won’t approve your car during a safety inspection unless the windshield is in good shape. If you have a safety inspection for the vehicle’s yearly registration coming up, think about replacing the damaged windshield to avoid any complications, or check with your glass shop for advise.

3. ADAS System Isn’t Working windshield replacement

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) use cameras and radars to track your position on the road, detect oncoming threats, and stop the car from hitting other vehicles. 

If your ADAS system is giving an error message or not working properly, you may need a full windshield replacement , so consult with the professionals.  Depending on your vehicle, the error symbol might be displayed next to your mirrors, near the door, or on the center console.


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