Cracks in windshields are problems that most car owners tend to ignore. However, minor cracks can quickly expand to the edges of the glass, compromising the structural integrity of your vehicle. If you’re hoping to prevent the need for a windshield replacement and keep your passengers safe, implement these driving tips.

How to Avoid Cracks in Windshields

1. Increase Your Following Distance

The catalyst for a windshield crack is often a small piece of rock or asphalt. The rear tires on the car ahead can kick up gravel in the roadway, launching it toward your windshield.

While you might not be able to stick to freshly paved roads, you can reduce the risk of glass damage by increasing the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. To be safe, stay at least two car lengths behind other drivers at all times.

2. Steer Clear of Hail

crack in windshieldWhen a hail storm is in the forecast, do your best to stay home with your car safe in the garage. As the pieces of ice fall from significant heights, they can do severe damage to the glass.

If you’re caught in a hail storm without shelter in sight, slow down as much as you can. This will reduce the force at which the ice slams into the windshield, making it less likely to pierce the glass.

3. Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

Cracks in windshields can form as a result of rapid temperature changes. For example, if your car is parked outside all night during the winter, blasting the heat could cause any small chips to spread into larger cracks.

Instead, turn on the defroster and gradually increase the temperature in your car over 10 minutes. In the summer, use the same process with your air conditioner if the vehicle is parked in the sun.


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