Your windshield is your first line of defense against the elements while driving, but it isn’t indestructible. It can sustain damage from forceful impacts from rocks, gravel, and other debris. When yours has a crack or chip, windshield repair should be a priority to avoid the damage from worsening and possibly causing injury to your and your passengers. Remember these do’s and don’ts when your windshield is damaged.


Contact your glass repair shop immediately.

Many people drive around with a damaged windshield to avoid repair costs. However, most comprehensive auto insurance policies will fix your auto glass for a small fee or at no cost at all. Contact your glass repair shop and they will guide you through the glass claims process, and how to navigate it, to see if you have glass coverage.

Be more cautious while awaiting repairs.

When you discover a crack or chip on your auto glass, don’t panic. You can still drive the vehicle home or to a windshield repair shop unless the damage is severe. In Pennsylvania, cracks or defects in the windshield cannot be in the driver’s direct line of vision, and must be addressed.

No matter the size of the damage, take steps to avoid worsening it. For instance, refrain from subjecting the auto glass to sudden temperature changes, so keep the vehicle in a covered or enclosed area, if possible. Avoid slamming the doors and leaning on the compromised areas. These put extra pressure and can deepen the issue.


Delay windshield repairs.

windshield repairA cracked windshield is less capable of withstanding sudden impact. If your car’s airbag deploys after a collision, the passenger compartment of the vehicle may be compromised due to the weakened glass.

The windshield serves as structural support for the frame of your car. If it is damaged, your roof may collapse in a rollover, and the glass may not be as strong in a front-end collision, leading to severe injuries. Delaying windshield repairs or replacement puts your safety at risk.

Attempt any do-it-yourself fixes.

DIY fixes can often save you money when done properly. When it comes to windshield repair, however, leave the job to a professional. Attempting to fix a crack by yourself might worsen the damage, which will increase the cost of repairs.

What you can do is keep the damaged area free of dirt and water. You could even place clear tape over minor damage, if the damage is only a stone bruise or a small chip, to mitigate the problem while you wait for the repair. 


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