If you’re ready to shake up your footwear collection and want to add something classic and stylish to the mix, consider a pair of cowboy boots. While the traditional style is one that many recognize, this beloved form of western wear offers more versatility than meets the eye. This is no surprise, given how popular it has proven throughout the decades. Here are some styles to consider as you search for the perfect pair.

3 Beloved Styles of Cowboy Boots

1. The Western

Was it an early 19th-century cowboy who first donned the now ubiquitous boot? Though the answer isn’t clear, innovation certainly brought some additional relevance to classic western-style cowboy boots. As production equipment improved, so did the quality of the boots, and before long, they were everywhere. This look is distinctive thanks to its foot-long shaft, slight heel, and lace-free upper. Given its functionality and protective design, it’s a popular choice for horse riders and rodeo participants.

2. The Stockman

Lebanon, OH cowboy bootsStockman boots are just as foolproof as traditional varieties, but take a slight cue from work boots in their conception. For example, some of them are designed with sturdy rubber soles. What makes the Stockman stand out is its deep scallop, or the “dip” that comes down the shallot. Many of these boots are particularly decorative, with elaborate stitching and colors that set them apart from others. They’re a great choice for those who want to wear cowboy boots but don’t plan to ride.

3. The Roper

The Roper is designed specifically for rodeo riders. They’re noteworthy for their short shafts, low heels, and wide openings. These riding boots are a departure from the traditional boot because they typically lack vivid stitching and designs. They’re also considerably lighter, which provides the rider with enhanced comfort.


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