Diabetes is a chronic illness in which the body either does not make enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or can’t use it properly (type 2 diabetes), resulting in high blood sugar. Many people miss the early signs of the disease because the symptoms are mild or can be attributed to other factors. If you experience the following symptoms, discuss them with your doctor.

A Guide to Early Diabetes Symptoms

1. Increased Hunger

The body uses insulin to convert food to glucose during the digestive process. If your body cannot produce or respond to insulin, you won’t get the glucose you need for energy. This issue can lead to a strong appetite, even after you’ve already eaten. Some individuals also go through rapid and unexplained weight loss or gain.

2. Frequent Bathroom Breaks


The kidneys are responsible for cleansing the bloodstream of toxins and waste by creating urine. When your body contains too much glucose, the kidneys will work overtime to get rid of it, causing you to go to the bathroom often. If you need to urinate far more than you used to, it could be an early sign of diabetes.

3. Excessive Thirst

Frequently expelling urine removes excess glucose, but it also uses up a lot of water, leading to dehydration. Along with the increase in bathroom breaks, you might experience extreme thirst, dry mouth, and dry skin. Generally, people with diabetes will still feel thirsty even after drinking a lot of water.

4. Constant Fatigue

Exhaustion is usually attributed to stress and a lack of sleep. Suppose the drowsy feeling doesn’t go away after you’ve had time to rest and improve your sleeping habits. In that case, you might be dealing with diabetes, especially if the symptom is accompanied by weakness and dizziness. High or low blood sugar could be the cause of this fatigue.


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