As fall approaches, flu viruses will become more common. If you catch the flu, it may cause uncomfortable symptoms. However, by detecting any signs in advance, it’s possible to treat the illness before it gets worse and prevent the spread of the virus. Look out for the following signs it’s time to seek flu care.

What Are Signs You May Have the Flu?

1. Fever & Chills

A fever indicates that the body is trying to kill off the virus causing the infection and activate the immune system. With the flu, fevers are typically over 100.4 degrees. Once the immune system communicates with the brain about raising overall body temperature, it’s normal to experience chills. This feeling occurs because the body is at a lower temperature than the new target, so you’ll begin to shiver to generate additional heat.

Wrap yourself in warm clothing and blankets to raise your body temperature. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be taken as temporary solutions to reduce the fever before you seek flu care.

2. Body Aches

flu care

If you’re experiencing sore muscles, it can be easy to blame them on a recent workout. However, the flu can cause body aches. The antibodies in the immune system bond with the virus, producing a protein that causes inflammation in the muscles and joints. As a result, you might experience aches in the head, back, and legs. Rest and avoid exercise to reduce any pain.

3. Sore Throat & Cough 

A dry cough is another common symptom. Coughing allows the body to expel microbes and other irritants to protect the lungs against infection and inflammation. Dry coughs can be persistent because they tend to irritate the lungs, leading to more coughing. The flu virus might also cause chest tightness and wheezing. When left untreated, this issue can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia.

Coughing can also cause a sore throat. Alternatively, some flu viruses might cause a swollen throat without a cough. To soothe the throat, use cough drops and medicine, and drink warm beverages. Cover your mouth and wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading the illness.


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