If you're looking for ways to improve your home's outdoor area, consider using a tiered landscaping design. The method uses hardscapes such as retaining walls to build two or more ascending level surfaces for planting. Here's a closer look at why you should incorporate tiers into your landscape. 

What Are the Advantages of Tiered Landscaping?

1. Plant On Sloped Land 

If your property sits on a hill, you might not have much level space for planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. A landscape construction company can create multiple "steps" of even ground on the slope and use retaining walls to hold the earth in place. This can make sloped outdoor areas more functional and give you plenty of space for planting. 

2. Create Seating Areas

You can use the tiers for seating by having benches built into the retaining walls or using stone pavers to create a solid surface for placing outdoor furniture. This may give you more space for entertaining guests or relaxing solo while feeling immersed in your garden and enjoying views of your property. 

3. Increase Visual Appeal


Tiered landscapes are typically tall and multilayered, which can create a visually stunning effect. You might group plants and flowers on each tier according to their color, resulting in gorgeous cascades of similar shades and hues. 

Having multiple tiers also allows you to separate foliage by type, making it easier to meet the individual watering and fertilizing needs of vegetables, flowers, and trees so that they grow healthy and beautiful. Additionally, tiered walls made from decorative stone can give your outdoor areas a rustic charm and provide a neutral background for plant colors to pop. 

4. Prevent Erosion & Runoff

Since retaining walls hold soil in place, they can prevent your landscape from eroding and becoming damaged during rainy conditions. If your home sits at the bottom of the slope, tiered retaining walls may prevent runoff from flowing downhill and pooling around the perimeter of your residence. Directing the rainwater elsewhere can safeguard your home from flooding and foundation damage. 


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