When creating landscaping, you don’t have to limit the design to soft features like plants and trees. Adding a hardscape element like a retaining wall can provide aesthetic and functional benefits. Below are four benefits of these unique structures to consider when designing your outdoor space.

4 Benefits of Retaining Walls 

1. Reducing Erosion

Many homeowners install retaining walls in areas that are rapidly eroding to provide soil support and prevent the dirt from washing away. 

This hardscape feature may prevent your yard from flooding by creating tiered drainage. Plus, it can reduce the risk of foundation flooding caused by precipitation by holding water instead of letting it slide down the yard.

2. Creating a Level Area

hardscapeIf your property features hills, it can be challenging to install functional hardscaping like a patio or pool due to the slopes. Reduce harsh angles by adding retaining walls to level out areas where you want to host these features.

Once the wall is in, even out the area with dirt and aggregate to create a solid foundation for a patio. Line the patio with retaining walls to provide seating with rounded bricks. Or, dig deep into the ground to make a pool for relaxing family playdates. 

3. Hosting Raised Garden Beds

Instead of dredging a grassy area in the yard to create a garden, install retaining walls to make raised beds. Install the walls on slopes to even out hills and create custom gardens. Or, add short retaining walls in a square shape or round shape to host your favorite plants. Fill these borders with nutritious soil to promote successful growth, whether you plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruits. 

4. Denoting Property Lines

Many homeowners want to create property line borders that are more permanent and better-looking than wooden stakes and survey tape. Include a retaining wall in your hardscape design to mark off the edges of the property. Use different height walls to make multi-layered gardens and plant trees on the sides closest to the neighbors to add privacy and minimize sound. Place smaller plants like hostas and ferns on the inner layers where they’ll provide erosion control and add luscious greenery to the yard.


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