Enrolling in gymnastics classes during summer break has many benefits. Many training centers offer programs for participants of all ages and skill levels, making this the perfect opportunity to either introduce your child to the activity or help them maintain their fitness throughout the season. Discover some more compelling benefits of enrollment in a summer program below.

3 Reasons Gymnastics Classes Are Perfect for Summer Break

1. Establish or Maintain Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is the ability to move the body in a specific way without even thinking about it, thanks to the repetition of learned routines. For nearly every type of athlete, this skill is invaluable for mastering performance and minimizing injury risk. Over a prolonged break, endurance, muscle strength, and aerobic power can decline. Instead of having to rebuild strength and begin from a new starting point, allow your child to maintain and even improve their gymnastics skills all summer long so training won’t feel as hard come fall.

2. Pursue a Healthy Boredom Buster

gynasticsWith limited structure and no long school days to worry about, summer break can turn into a long stretch of inactivity for children. Spending too much time texting, on the computer, or playing video games can lead to weight gain and muscle loss if these activities aren’t balanced with exercise. Not only does enrolling in a program help to prevent complaints of boredom, but it also ensures your child stays active and healthy when gym class is no longer in session.

3. Stay Safe With Equipment & Instructors

Many young gymnasts are so passionate about tumbling and other elements of the sport that they’ll practice anywhere they can. Practicing gymnastics at home isn’t advisable, as there are too many potential hazards that could cause injury. From furniture to slippery tile floors, households have lots of obstacles that aren’t meant for climbing, flipping, or jumping. Gymnastics centers, on the other hand, have everything needed to enjoy the sport safely, from trained instructors to thick, cushioned mats.


If you’re considering a summer gymnastics program for your child, turn to The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester in Monroe County, NY. This sprawling facility features the latest equipment, all of which meets U.S.A. Gymnastics® safety requirements. Their summer classes and camps welcome children as young as one to teenagers and run from June 24 through August 17. Learn more about summer enrollment by visiting their website or by calling (585) 388-8686.