Gymnastics is a fun way to keep your kid active and can turn into a lifelong passion. It’s a demanding sport, so your little one should follow some safety tips to prevent injuries. To help you keep them protected, here are a few steps you should remind your young athlete to take before engaging in this activity.

How to Keep Your Child Safe During Gymnastics

1. Have the Right Gear

Invest in a quality leotard for girls or stretch pants and tops for boys. They should fit snuggly so they don’t restrict their range of motion. Baggy or loose clothing can get caught on their limbs and cause accidents. If your child has previously sustained an injury to their wrists, knees, or other joints, supports or flexible braces may be necessary to avoid pain. Purchase a gym bag they can carry everything in, as well as a water bottle to prevent dehydration as they sweat.

2. Warm Up

gymnasticsBefore they start their training regimen, your child needs to warm up their muscles and joints to increase flexibility. They should focus on stretching for at least 10 minutes to ensure they’re ready to perform the moves required. It’s wise to add a few cardio exercises to their warm-up, such as jogging or jumping jacks. This will help them get ready for physical activity and avoid sprains or strain.

3. Take Breaks

It’s normal to be sore after a workout. As dedicated as your child may be, teach them to stick to their limits, since overworking the body can lead to injuries. By taking breaks during gymnastics training, they give their body a chance to reset and recover from strain. Before an event or competition, taking a day off will also help them be in peak form when the time comes.


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