You may think your child gets plenty of exercise just from running around at home. However, there are excellent reasons for extracurricular activities that encourage focused kinds of physicality. When it comes to exercise, children can’t get enough, but too little can lead to potential health issues. The advantages active programming can provide your child make it more than worthwhile.

4 Benefits Enrolling Your Child in Exercise Programs

1. Promotes Physical Health 

Exercise for both children and adults reduces the risk of developing medical problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, and a weak immune system. Since physically active children are more likely to continue as they grow older, getting them into the habit of exercising now will likely help them stay healthy later. Additionally, constant movement helps your little ones build their muscles and develop coordination. 

2. Supports Emotional Health 

exerciseExercising releases chemicals throughout the body that help you feel confident, happy, and relaxed. For children, this means that frequent physical activity gives them a head start in developing a healthy sense of self-esteem. They also learn how to deal with stressful situations more easily and without having breakdowns. 

3. Boosts Mental Development 

Physical activity helps the brain create connections and forge pathways. This can improve skills like spatial awareness, concentration, logic, decision-making, problem-solving, and memorization. In other words, regular exercise may help your child succeed academically. 

4. Social Opportunities 

Many physical activities are done in groups, including tumbling, gymnastics, ballet, soccer, jump roping, games of tag, and more. Playing and exercising with other kids gives your child the chance to develop their social skills, make friends, and work in teams.


Your child can enjoy all the benefits of exercise through the activities offered at The Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester in Penfield, NY. Since 1987, they’ve been teaching children of all ages gymnastics, dancing, tumbling, cheerleading, and more. They also offer activities for children with disabilities or special needs. Safety is always their top priority, as evidenced by their strict adherence to federal guidelines. Find out more today by calling (585) 388-8686 or sending a message online