The holidays are a magical time of the year, and you’re probably looking forward to cozying up at home with great food and welcome company. However, the season can create some unique safety risks in your home. With the right Life Safety System from CenturyLink® Security, you can keep your family safe and ensure home security throughout the season in Monroe, LA.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Monitoring & Life Safety System

Fireplaces & Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and invisible gas that can cause death, especially at night when residents are sleeping and have no warning. Every year, at least 400 people die from accidental CO poisoning in the U.S., and the risk goes up during the winter season.  

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of combustion, so it’s being created when you burn a fire in your fireplace. Your chimney should funnel it safely outdoors, but a malfunctioning or poorly maintained fireplace may allow it to slowly accumulate in your home.

A CO detector from CenturyLink® Security will notify you in real time if the gas levels reach a dangerous point. The detector alert should awaken you and others if you’re sleeping or send you a notification if you’re away from home.

Fire Risks Throughout the Home

home securityThe holidays also bring an increased fire risk. A stray spark from your hearth could start a chimney fire or flames that spread outward into the home.

Your holiday cooking is more likely to start a kitchen fire, especially if you have a turkey or casserole cooking all day without direct supervision. Additionally, all the festive holiday lights inside and outside the home increase the amount of wiring around the house that could spark a fire.

Both heat detectors and smoke detectors are recommended aspects of home security. Smoke detectors are essential in saving lives since they can notify residents of the fire early for a safe escape when every second counts. Heat detectors may notify you of those slower-burning fires that don’t release much smoke and will notify a CenturyLink® Security monitoring professional so your holiday celebration doesn’t include severe property damage. 

CenturyLink® Security offers a full array of top-of-the-line home security monitoring and life safety systems for your family. They’ll alert you to threats such as burglars, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. Learn more on their website and call 800-256-3352 to schedule your installation before the holidays arrive.

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