Your home should be where you feel the most comfortable and safe. If that doesn't ring true for you just yet, giving your home security a boost—with the help of CenturyLink® Security—can provide you with peace of mind. The presence of cameras on your home could deter potential theft and will provide you with video surveillance of your home. These three steps can help you feel more secure in your house.

Install an Alarm System

The first line of defense is installing an alarm system, which CenturyLink® Security can easily take care of. An alarm system may deter undesirable activity in and around your home before it happens.

Even though burglary incidents are down nationwide, there were over 7 million property crimes in 2018, which led to more than $16 billion in property losses according to the FBI.1 If there is an emergency, the system will alert CenturyLink® Security immediately, our security team will contact you and the authorities.

Add Cameras

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to prevent an emergency. If something were to happen to your home, the priority becomes identifying the person who did it. With video surveillance cameras, the likelihood of being caught in the act is increased. This could help you file an insurance claim and possibly prevent the culprit from acting again.

Connect It All Via a Smart Home System

home securityIf you're frequently on the go or traveling for work, it's hard to know your home is safe. However, a smart home system can solve that problem. Since it pairs with your laptop and mobile device, you can check on your home, no matter where you are. Everything from the thermostat to your lights will be paired via an app. Install indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor who is coming and going, along with a doorbell camera so you can keep tabs on your front door. Replace traditional locks with electronic ones so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys or tampering. 

To ensure your peace of mind, trust CenturyLink® Security in Monroe, LA, with your home’s safety. This security service offers 24/7 protection, alerting you when someone or something disturbs your home or business. For more information about how they can improve your home security, visit their website. For a free consultation, call 800-256-3352.

1FBI Releases 2018 Crime Statistics, FBI National Press Office, September 2019

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