Home automation systems can give you control over every aspect of your house, even from the other side of the world. Along with enhancing security and providing year-round comfort, installing a smart home system from CenturyLink® Security in Monroe, LA, could slash your utility bills by hundreds of dollars every year. Below are just a few ways this revolutionary technology can make your home more efficient and save you money.

3 Ways home automation increases your energy efficiency

1. Deciding when to run appliances

Most households run their dishwashers, washing machines, and energy-hungry appliances at the same time, which puts additional strain on the electrical system. However, home automation systems sync with smart appliances, allowing you to schedule them to run during off-peak hours. As an added benefit, after programming the routine, the system will run itself, so you won’t have to remember these chores every day.

2. Regulating your HVAC system

home automationEven modest efficiency improvements can result in savings. Home automation systems allow you to turn up the thermostat when no one's home, reducing the cost of cooling an empty house in the summer. Before you head home, the system will automatically turn on the AC, ensuring you walk into a cool, comfortable environment.

3. Turning off lights

Some of the most advanced home automation systems on the market can sense when a room is empty and turn off the lights when you leave. Reducing waste, even in a seemingly small way like this, can have a significant impact on both your environmental influence and your energy bills.


With some of the most advanced home automation equipment on the market and a team of experts dedicated to providing customized solutions to every customer, CenturyLink® Security will bring your household into the 21st century. Their cutting-edge technology will reduce your energy expenses without sacrificing comfort and give you precise control over every aspect of your home. Visit their website for more on their home automation systems, or call 800-256-3352image to speak with an expert today.

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