Whether you own a retail store or manage a warehouse, keeping your workplace secure is critical to your company’s long-term success. Yet, while business security may be necessary, it doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. That’s why CenturyLink® Security offers a wide range of smart solutions for customers throughout North Louisiana. If you’re curious about the capabilities of these commercial security systems, here are a few reasons why you should invest in this state-of-the-art technology.

How a commercial security system will benefit your business

1. Monitor the work environment

If your workplace uses an older video surveillance system, you'll only get to review break-ins after they occur. However, with a smart security system from CenturyLink, you'll be able to view your work environment in real-time. Providing a crystal-clear picture of the property, this equipment can stream live footage to a mobile device so you can monitor business security, and take action if necessary, from any location.

2. Automate defenses

Outdated alarm systems usually have to be set by staff members upon closing every night. This approach can create gaps in security, especially if someone forgets to set the alarm. By contrast, CenturyLink smart security systems can be automated to arm the system at specific times so you can have peace of mind that your property is monitored. You can also arm  the system from your smart device.

3. Enhance access control

security systemWith a CenturyLink commercial security system, you can customize access control on many different levels. For example, you can allow individual employees to have keyless entry on days they're scheduled to work. You can also limit inventory access to warehouse staff only. Additionally, with mobile control capabilities, you'll be able to grant entry to employees for one-time situations automatically.

4. Avert internal theft

Having reliable surveillance equipment installed can be enough to discourage employees from stealing from the company. Also, if theft occurs, your CenturyLink system will record which employees accessed specific areas at certain times and provide surveillance footage for evidence.

5. Minimize liability risks

With 24/7 monitoring, CenturyLink equipment can provide a clearer picture of when accidents happen on the premises. If an injured party fraudulently sues your company for damages, you’ll have video evidence on hand to disprove excessive or false claims.


Upgrading your business security is simple when you trust in CenturyLink services. Staffed with experienced technicians, this provider can install smart security systems for all types of commercial clients. With a personalized approach, this team will help you customize settings to fit the specific needs of your workplace and help ensure you feel confident about using every feature. To learn more about these products, visit this Monroe, LA, alarm company online. For estimates and installation appointments, call a friendly team member at 800-256-3352image.

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