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524 Kalihi St, Honolulu, HI 96819

About Kenjo, Inc

Full-Service Embroidery and Silkscreen Operation

If you’re considering screen printing for a set of T-shirts or want embroidery work done for a special gift, it’s best to get assistance from local professionals like Kenjo Inc. instead of attempting it on your own. Not only do these Honolulu, HI, experts have the equipment required to perform such tasks, but they also have been trained in methods that are guaranteed to produce excellent results. With a friendly staff and a long list of useful printing services, you can rely on Kenjo Inc. to supply the quality work you seek at a price you can afford.

Founded in 1987, Kenjo Inc. has been recognized as the most dependable screen printing and embroidery shop on the island. They’re the go-to professionals for orders of all sizes, and the team implements the finest tools and machinery to ensure everything is completed to their clients’ specifications. Whether you’re in need of intricate embroidery fonts on a few polo T-shirts or require assistance with a commercial printing project, Kenjo Inc. is ready to help.

Nothing is too small or too big for this local screen printing business. Are you looking for someone to print the logo of your community sports team on a series of shirts? Kenjo Inc. will work with you to ensure the design is correct and the fonts are easy to read before completing the order in a timely manner. What if you want exquisite embroidery done on a baby blanket for a loved one? Kenjo Inc. specializes in custom work and will help you choose the colors that will make your gift one-of-a-kind. They also offer silk screen printing that will cleanly transfer a photo onto any article of clothing with a clarity that’s second to none.

Learn more about what Kenjo Inc. will do for you by calling (808) 841-8282. One of their experts will be available to take your call and be happy to answer any questions you may have about their services. Visit their website for additional information about this local screen printing company.



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