As the central hub for cooking, socialization, and family dinners, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms that prospective homeowners consider when exploring available real estate listings. But if you’re selling your house and want to strike a good deal, your cooking space will need to offer features that other properties may not have.

5 New Kitchen Features to Consider When Selling Your House

1. Attractive Appliances

selling your houseAppliances showcase how a kitchen can be used and can be an enticing selling point for buyers. To make a good impression, invest in sleek, modern appliances—such as stainless-steel refrigerators, electric stovetops, and built-in microwaves. Whatever equipment you install, it’s also important to make sure they are all energy-efficient, as consumers are always looking to cut their power costs.

2. Updated Flooring

From spills to heavy foot traffic, kitchen floors put up with a lot over the years. If you have a vinyl or engineered flooring material in this room, it might be a good idea to replace it with a fresher, waterproof option. If you have a longer-lasting surface—such as hardwood, stone, or tile—consider resurfacing or refinishing the floor to help it look brand new.  

3. Renewed Countertops

Similar to floors, countertops are important kitchen surfaces that draw a lot of attention. For a flawless appearance, update old surfaces with high-quality and durable options—such as quartz. If you already have solid counters, consider having it refinished to diminish the flaws and help it shine.

4. Optimized Organization

Storage is one of the most important factors prospective buyers will consider when touring a kitchen. As such, you should update all cabinets to ensure they offer flexible solutions—such as adjustable shelving and built-in garbage can storage. It can also help to expand storage spaces as much as possible. For instance, you might install a walk-in pantry or introduce an island that features cabinetry.

5. Refined Lighting

Natural light can help a kitchen appear larger and shine brighter in photos, leaving a favorable impression on buyers. As such, it’s smart to install wider windows before selling your house and, if possible, skylights. In addition to natural lighting, you might also install under-cabinet lighting that can provide gentle illumination in the evening.


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