Virtual showings are a fantastic way to keep everyone safe while selling your house, but they can make showing off your home’s best features a challenge. Fortunately, with 3D walk-throughs and live video tours, your house can really shine, even if the buyers are touring the property on their phones. Below are a few tips for making your house look its best and wowing buyers through a screen.

3 Tips for Preparing for Virtual Tours

1. Declutter the Space

Clearing out clutter is always an important part of home staging, but it’s especially important for video tours. For starters, videos are usually recorded from below eye level, which can make furniture look bigger than it actually is.

Begin by getting rid of or packing away at least a third of your belongings, including the stuff in your basement or closets. You should also consider rearranging the furniture to create clear lines of sight from room to room. This will help create a sense of space for buyers who can’t explore the house in person.

2. Take Test Photos

selling your homeOnce the staging is done, take test shots of each room to see how they’ll look on the screen. This will ensure that each room photographs well, and stray furniture pieces aren’t occupying too much visual space.

You might also consider doing a practice video walk-through with a friend. They’ll tell you which areas need more work and which look the best on their screen.

3. Repaint the Walls

Dark walls will make any room seem smaller, and stained surfaces can look even worse on camera. A fresh coat of paint in every room will breathe new life into your house, brighten up the interior, and create the perception of extra space.

If you’re selling your house, most agents recommend painting each room a lighter neutral color with warm undertones, which tend to pop more in pictures.


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