Like tacos and burritos, quesadillas are a beloved staple of Mexican cuisine. Made of melted cheese and other fillings folded into a crisp tortilla, quesadillas are light enough to be enjoyed as a snack and filling enough to be the centerpiece of a meal. Get to know the history of this popular Mexican dish below.


Quesadillas were first developed in sixteenth-century colonial Mexico, as a result of old and new world tastes coming together. When Spanish settlers arrived, they brought traditional recipes for savory, filled pastries called turnovers, but instead of using dough for the crust, they used the tortillas that were a central feature of time-honored Mexican cuisine.

The fusion of these two worlds resulted in the quesadilla. Over the ensuing centuries, quesadillas have evolved to suit different tastes and the foods available in different regions—but the basic recipe has remained largely the same.


quesadillasThe fundamental ingredients are a flour or corn tortilla folded around a center of cheese and warmed or lightly fried until the cheese has melted. There are a variety of additional ingredients that can be added as fillings, including beef, chicken, chorizo, seafood, and roasted vegetables. Toppings like salsa, guacamole, and sour cream add even more depth of flavor and provide a light complement to the richness of the filling.

Sides & Drinks

Quesadillas go well with an array of Mexican side dishes. Refried beans or rice can make a hearty meal out of a quesadilla. On the lighter side, a green salad or a traditional Mexican soup are excellent accompaniments. When it comes to drinks, quesadillas are extremely versatile and pair well with everything from soft drinks and juices to spirits like margaritas, Pinot Noir, and chardonnay.


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