Utility bills can be a major expense for businesses, so improving energy efficiency is a priority for maintaining profit margins. From window tinting to HVAC adjustments, making the right investments now will result in major long-term savings. 

How to Make Your Office More Energy-Efficient

1. Install Window Tinting

Windows are major sources of heat gain, especially in commercial buildings, which often feature larger windows to enhance their curb appeal. Tinting will help minimize heat gain and block harmful ultraviolet rays, making it easier to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, so your air conditioning doesn’t need to run as frequently.

2. Use Programmable Thermostats

window tintingThe way you use your air conditioning makes a big impact on your energy bills. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will give you total control over temperature settings at any time of day. You can program your air conditioner to turn on during the busiest times of day, then turn off in the evening when nobody is around. Some thermostats even allow you to control the temperature from your smartphone.

3. Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

Office equipment is used daily, so it also contributes significantly to energy consumption. Switching from desktop computers to laptops will use much less electricity. An ENERGY STAR®-rated refrigerator in the break room can reduce yearly electricity costs. Using power strips will allow you to easily turn off equipment at night, eliminating “phantom power” draws.


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