If you work in an urban center but live in the suburbs, you get the best of both worlds—cosmopolitan flair by day and peaceful surroundings by night. But the long commute to and from work can be taxing. Make it more enjoyable by equipping your car with comfort-enhancing extras like window tinting. Get more smart ideas below.

5 Ways to Make Your Car a Commuting Haven

1. Clean the Air Filter

If you live in a hot climate, you likely have the air conditioning on when you drive to and from work. Clogged air filters will reduce the airflow, making your AC less effective. They will also allow dust and pollen to circulate in your car. Use a damp cloth to clean the filter regularly.

2. Add Back Support

If you notice lower back pain after driving, your car's seat may be to blame. Purchase a lumbar support cushion. It will cradle the natural curve of your spine, allowing your muscles to relax and preventing aches and strains.

3. Invest In Your Audio System

window tintingListening to a podcast or music will make the drive go by faster. Get a high-quality car stereo or audio receiver that you can hook up to your phone. For safety, use hands-free voice commands to direct your entertainment when driving.

4. Pack a Convenience Kit

Every car should have emergency roadside assistance gear, like flares, and first-aid supplies. Pack a convenience kit too. Include tissues and antibacterial cleaning wipes for unexpected spills as well as painkillers and bottled water for unforeseen headaches.

5. Install Sun Protection

A windshield sun shade and sunglasses will help protect you from UV rays. Take the protection to the next level with tint on the windows. It will regulate the car's temperature by blocking the sun, reduce glare, and offer added privacy.


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