When you’re expecting a baby, a lot of thought must go into planning their nursery. It’s essential to consider the safety risks of every object placed inside the room. From the crib to the window tinting, here are few key areas to think about when designing this space for your newborn. 

How to Design a Secure Nursery

1. Place the Crib in a Clear Area

Keep the crib away from windows, hanging strings and cords, electrical outlets, and heavy shelving or wall decorations. Babies are susceptible to getting caught in drapes or window cords. They can also choke on small hanging objects, like those dangling from shelves or crib mobiles.

As they get older and become curious about their surroundings, they will start to reach for these objects, so keep anything that can fall and injure them or lead to electrical shocks far away.

2. Install Window Tinting

window tintingBabies are sensitive to bright lights and unable to regulate their body temperatures well. Adding window tinting to their nursery blocks out harsh sunlight and makes it easier to control the room temperature. This makes it easier for the baby to sleep and prevents overheating, which has been linked to SIDS.

UV-blocking film also prevents harmful rays from penetrating the room whenever the curtains or drapes are left open. If you choose to do away with either of these traditional window coverings, a dark tint can offer the same level of privacy for the interior space.

3. Create an Open Walk Path

You’ll spend a lot of time in this room moving around in the dark, so keep the walking area free of trip hazards to avoid falls while holding your baby. Move all furniture pieces against the wall. Cover slippery flooring with rugs, and secure them with double-sided tape. Also, anchor heavy floor and wall items, so they don’t tip over if bumped. 


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