Maybe you had high hopes for your garden a few years back, but life got in the way, so now it’s overgrown with weeds. Don’t worry, because you can restore it to a beautiful yard centerpiece if you survey the plot, make a plan, and get the proper lawn equipment. Here are three steps to follow so your flora can flourish, weed-free.

3 Steps to Using Lawn Equipment to Get Your Garden Back

1. See If Your Garden Can Be Saved

If you haven’t neglected the garden for months, the flowers or vegetables you planted there may still be flourishing under all those weeds. Part the weeds, and look for any plants you’d like to save. If they’re dead, you can pull everything up during the weeding process with power equipment, rather than carefully working around any hidden plants.

2. Work in Small Sections

outdoor power equipmentIt would be overwhelming to pull out all of the weeds in a weekend. Start with a small section of a few square feet and tackle one every few days or every weekend. Pop up the soil with a shovel against the overgrown edge, then pull everything out of the ground. Use power lawn equipment like a string trimmer to help you cut them down, and then pull them by hand from the soil. Once you’ve weeded the area, use a cultivator to help you mix in new soil so that the future garden flourishes. 

3. Cover It Up

If you got rid of everything in your garden and decided to start fresh, don’t let new weeds take root before you’re ready to plant again. Cover your plot in thick landscaping fabric, and keep it down with heavy staples from a farm and gardening store. This will save you a lot of effort and frustration down the line and ensure you have a beautiful new garden.


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