Homeowners can put out bird feeders to experience an interactive and entertaining look at nature. However, many people aren’t aware that they are certain rules to consider when feeding wild birds. Getting the right supplies from your feed store and following a few simple steps will help encourage more backyard visitors and keep them healthy. If you want to take care of your flying friends, remember these do’s and don’ts when you feed them.


Keep bird feeders clean.

Feeders used for dry birdseed should be cleaned once a month, and it’s best to clean nectar feeders weekly. This will prevent harmful bacteria from growing inside, which can cause birds to get sick. During the rainy and humid months, feeders should be cleaned more frequently to eliminate mold and fungi growth.

Store feed properly.

Birdseed lasts longer when it’s stored correctly. If you don’t keep it sealed tightly, it will begin to dry out and lose its nutritional value. On the other hand, if moisture gets inside, mold may start to develop. Additionally, improperly stored seeds can easily be invaded by insects and rodents, creating contamination issues. 


Buy low-quality birdseed.feed store

Many people believe they’re getting a better value by purchasing a cheaper brand of birdseed, but in reality, this is a waste of money. Inexpensive seed is generally packed with filler ingredients such as flax, red milo, cracked corn, wheat, golden and red millet, and oat, which most birds don’t eat. They’ll toss it aside, emptying your feeders quickly and making a mess on the floor. It’s more cost-effective to buy quality seed at the feed store.

Ignore bird feeders during the winter.

Although you may not be spending much time outside during the winter, it’s important to remember to stock your bird feeders. Keeping them filled with seed will ensure wild birds still have a supply of food to rely on should natural food sources become scarce. Consult your feed store to find out what type of seed will help provide the energy birds need to stay warm in colder temperatures.


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