If you want a beautiful, lush lawn next summer, autumn is the best time to start preparing. While growth may be more sluggish in the fall, the cooler months give you a chance to spread herbicide to kill weeds and help plants build healthy root systems. As summer winds down, use the following tips to get your lawn ready for the dropping temperatures.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

1. Keep Watering & Mowing

The weather may not be as hot in late September, but your grass still needs plenty of moisture. Keep up with your watering schedule, and continue mowing throughout the season. For the final two cuttings of summer, using your mower’s lowest blade setting lets more sunlight hit the grass.

2. Spread Fertilizer

herbicideGrass roots continue developing throughout the fall and into the winter, so make sure your plants have enough nutrients. Fertilize once at the beginning of the season, which helps the grass recover from a long, hot summer. For a rich, green lawn next year, give the grass another feeding about six to eight weeks later.

3. Spread Herbicide

Weeds spend the winter absorbing energy and preparing to grow when spring arrives, so taking action now can keep these unwanted plants out of your lawn next year. Spreading a high-quality herbicide that targets the weeds in your lawn before winter starts can keep them from sprouting entirely.

4. Mulch Tree Leaves

Fallen tree leaves block sunlight and inhibit grass growth if left alone, but they can be turned into a beneficial mulch. After raking up your leaves, shred them into dime-sized pieces and let them decompose in a specified container. Spread the substance when you fertilize the grass for optimal growth.


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